Thankful Thursday

I should write more when I’m happy, I think. Not just when things are stressful. So its Thursday and there’s been an awful lot of thankfulness missing from my life. But today I’ll make a deposit.

#1 Every meal I’ve eaten in the past few weeks alone has been by choice. Around meal times now I get texts from friends asking to eat together. I have really enjoyed eating together with friends. I end up using my full lunch breaks and staying out late with friends after dinner pondering life’s mysteries, planning Youtube fame, giving/get much needed advice, etc. Despite being an introvert, I have been feeling energized recently from quality time spent with friends.

#2 My breathing has greatly improved. No asthma attacks recently. No waking myself up wheezing at night. No more sounding like an accordion when I breathe. Breathing is amazing, and its something I’m very grateful to not have to think about anymore thanks to the pulmonary care package my mom sent a month ago.

#3 I’m moving! That’s right 🙂 I will have a temporary stay of bathroom safari for two months while my friends return to Australia. I’ll be house-sitting in their fantastically cozy house on stilts WITH A KITCHEN IN THE SAME BUILDING THAT I CAN GET TO WITHOUT WALKING OUTSIDE. I’m so excited about this I’m doing cartwheels, people! I’m gonna sit on the floor, exercise inside, cook, take naps on the living room sofa, eat breakfast in my pjs. My activities will not exclusively be limited to my twin sized bed.

#4 Creative project on the horizon. The thing that I love more than being creative, is having creative autonomy over projects. There’s something in the works that would let me do just that. Stay tuned for more on the Creative Project, but for now, just know I’m really excited for this.

#5 ULike Ice Cream and Public Bench No. 3
This icecream parlor and bench are the location of many of my most memorable moments in LP so far. This is where my friend, Khanh, and I hang out after dinner usually.

#6 Girl Scout Cookies!!!!!!! (Thanks a million, Sarah!!)

#7 Surprise Valentine’s Day Card from a friend. (So thoughtful, Skim!!)

#8 General Manager.
This guy cracks me up and time in the office wouldn’t be half as fun if he wasn’t there.

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