Book Launch Team

Hey there! Yes, you. If you’re reading this it means you’ve signed up to be notified when I update my blog or you somehow otherwise found your way here. I appreciate the love!

I have reached the stage in the book publishing process for Invitations to Abundance where I get to assemble a team of folks who generally have good feelings about my writing (especially if you’ve left comments before), are excited about my new book, and eager to tell others about it. If that sounds like you, I’d love to have you on my launch team!

Not big on social media but have 20 friends you could email about the book? Don’t have 20 friends but have a blog where you can share about it? Don’t have a blog but you lead a small group you could recommend read it together? Welcome on in! There’s more than one way to be involved.

More details on what the commitment is and how to sign up can be found here: Sign up by January 26!

Again, thank you for your faithful readership. I’m excited for the words of this book to be out in the world. And for your help spreading them far and wide.

In this much-needed reflection on the significance of feasting in scripture and in our shared lives together, Alicia J. Akins has spread for readers her own nurturing and savory feast of hope, healing, remembrance, celebration, expectation, and longing. Who among us does not ache to be present at that final wedding feast toward which all of history is flowing, in a day when all our losses are restored and sufferings redeemed? Alicia’s thoughtful essays fan the flames of that same eternal ache, even while offering us a more rooted sense of our own place in the long history of redemption. I will continue to ponder the themes of this book for years to come. 

Douglas Kaine McKelvey, author of Every Moment Holy

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