Invitations to Abundance and Beyond

Last summer, I shared that I signed a two-book deal with Harvest House Publishers. I had no idea the pandemic would stretch on as long as it has, but the extra time at home due to teleworking and many activities being canceled or transitioned to virtual, gave me extra time to concentrate on finishing book number #1.

Back in March, I finished the manuscript of Invitations to Abundance and it turned out differently than I expected in the very best of ways. I’m gonna be honest though, for about three months after that, I had little interest in even writing emails anymore. My brain felt more intellectually exhausted than it ever has in my life. It makes sense though. As a music major in undergrad and Chinese studies grad student, I had never had to write anything that long. The majority of my assessments were performed or involved translation.

I have since gotten back and returned two rounds of edits, finalized a cover, identified individuals to write the foreword and endorsements, and been shown the galley (the designed inside of the book). Each step of the way, my pride (the good kind) swells at what I accomplished. Alicia from ten years ago, maybe even from five years ago, wouldn’t have imagined she’d ever see the day.

I’m excited to share the cover with you:

And the pre-order link is live here on Amazon, if you feel so led 🙂

While I still get to chime in on things here and there with Invitations to Abundance, my attention has mainly shifted to book number two. My publisher is looking for content closer to the material I’ve shared here on the blog, a little more personal I suppose.

If you’re a long time reader or have only been reading for a day, please help me by leaving me a note answering one of the following questions: if you could read a book on anything written by me what would it be? Or, if you had to pick a main theme that best represents the content on FeetCryMercy, what would that word be? I would love your feedback!

5 thoughts on “Invitations to Abundance and Beyond

  1. bethanygracelunn says:

    I think I should add that you write beautifully, Alicia. I love reading you on politics. I think you deal with grace and empathy about extremely divisive topics. I don’t only read you on singleness. But I also appreciate that you have asked for feedback! I live in Scotland, otherwise I would totally invite you for a coffee, to speak about politics, adjusting to culture after mission, race and singleness.

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