Hi, I’m Alicia.  Welcome!

Here you will find the ramblings and reflections of a young professional captivated by the promise diversity holds for enriching the lives of individuals and communities.  I recently moved to SE Asia to work for a like-minded community-based organization that blends development and advocacy work with museums.  My hope is that this will not just be a place where you come for updates but a place you visit to discuss, suggest, learn, contribute, and participate however you like!  This is a virtual coffee table where together we sit and dissect life, laugh together, and sharpen each other.

Feet cry mercy? 

This recently coined, though long personally significant phrase, best encompasses realities of the present and hopes for the future.  This phrase was first used in a fellowship essay I wrote in reference to dancing until my feet cried mercy.  It’s no secret that these feet, they love a’ dancin’, but these feet also walk in others’ shoes, travel to unfamiliar places, and walk alongside others in community.  The thought is that they wouldn’t engage for a little and then call it quits, but that they would nearly exhaust themselves in seeking to understand others’ perspective, in learning a new world, and ultimately in sharing others’ burdens.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Christopher Catherwood says:

    In Britain being politically liberal and Christian conservative is normal! My Virginia-raised late wife (she died in 2018) found living in the UK such a refreshing change! Glad to have come across your blog via The Gospel Coalition website. Keep up the good work!

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