Long Time no Write

Its been a long time since I updated. I wanted to before, but I felt uncomfortable updating from my work computer or a public computer and my personal computer has been more or less out of commission for almost a month. I don’t know how long it will last this time. The battery timer sometimes says 5 minutes, other times says 30 and as I write its showing :21 minutes till battery drainage. I hope it at least stays long enough for me to download an episode of K-Drama.

Work has been great the past month. Actually, most everything is good. The two things that have been dragging my mood down have been my house and the attendant issues as well as my computer problems.

I might be moving. Or more accurately, I hope desperately that an attractive alternative opens up. I won’t complain or dwell too much on what the problem is with my current place but I fear for my sanity should I stay there. Good news: I did sleep through the night last night, which felt like quite an accomplishment!

I am still without a charger but I heard that my apartment now has wifi.

Some highlights:
– I’ve drunk more beer here than I have in my entire life (which only equals 3 or four cups)
-I bought a live chicken. It was weird, They tied its legs, put it in a plastic bag, my coworker put it on one of the handlebars of his motorbike and we rode back to work. The next time I saw it it was cut up in a pot of boiling water and some staff cooked dinner together and I ate with them.
– I’m making more “friends”
– I went to church for the first time and prayed with others for the first time in 3 months
– I got the second hug I’ve gotten in 3 months
– totally failed at my first attempt at teaching the staff customer service principles, well, maybe not completely, but mostly.
– is getting much better at giving the stink eye.

I have a few questions for this entry.
(1) Do you use pinterest?
(2) Do you feel you are a good decision maker?
(3) Would any of you be interested in acting as a springboard for some of my ideas. My work, love it as I do, does not offer much opportunity to bounce ideas off of other people. I was thinking of sharing a google doc with a spreadsheet of ideas that other people could ask questions about or suggest improvements/alternatives. This would be particularly helpful if you work in informal education, marketing, fundraising, museums, international development, international education, international affairs, technology, library sciences. Yeah, basically, if you’re breathing you are reading this you are likely to be helpful.

Alright, my computer says I have 2 minutes left (but 21 minutes left till drama episode download 😦 )

Thats all for today I guess.

Miss you all.

3 thoughts on “Long Time no Write

  1. Jenna says:

    Alicia! Can you order a new charger for your computer? I don’t use pinterest, as it’s too difficult to load on our internet connection here. I think I’m a good decision maker about difficult things, and a bad one about simple things like buying a shirt. I can be a springboard, but I don’t know how helpful I would be as I’m not related to any of those things you mentioned. 🙂 I’m going to go respond to your email now.

  2. Grace says:

    Hi! Sorry my internet was so bad yesterday when we were chatting online… I think you already know this, but I’m happy to be a springboard for your ideas. (Although I like the idea of being a trampoline better. Boing boing!)

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m terrible at making decisions myself, but excellent at ruthlessly directing other people. Use me as a springboard! Use me!

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