Thanksgiving Thursdays

If there’s one thing I never do nearly enough, its express what I’m thankful for.  As a step in the right direction, I have instituted every Thursday as Thanksgiving Day, a day to reflect on what is good in my life.  So here’s what I’ve been most thankful for:

1. This job.  Not just a job but in particular, this one.  Yesterday during a meeting with my boss she mentioned that they had gotten quite a number of really qualified applicants for my position.  That I was chosen became even more significant to me after hearing that, and knowing how “right” I felt this job was for me, it was deeply satisfying to have them consider me right for the job.

2. Being back overseas.  It was no small thing to move your life across the world.  It requires a lot of money, a lot of courage, and faith that you won’t loose the support you’re leaving and that you can start from scratch and build it all again. It just feels good to be here. I had been anxious that I would get stuck in the United States indefinitely and not go back overseas again and that eventually the opportunity would be lost.  So, I’m grateful to be here.

3. A place to stay. I haven’t unpacked yet as I’m subletting but its nice to have a place with wifi, that’s close to so much stuff and a short walk to work.

4. Friends from home.  I have such lovely friends and every time I get just a quick ‘hey, thinking of you’ email I get really happy.

5. Interesting new coworkers.  I don’t work with many people but they’re all so interesting. One guy today was getting so excited talking about the visits he takes to the schools as a part of the museum, yesterday a different guy was super smiley talking about how he finds working in this museum a good opportunity to learn. Besides my bosses and I, the other workers are all men.  Several are from the ethnic groups represented in the museum.  So far, they seem like people I can laugh with, who for the most part take what they do seriously and take pride in what the museum offers.

6. The gecko on my windowsill.  Actually, I’m convinced now that its a surveillance device because it hasn’t moved in days.  I’ve taken to talking to it since I don’t have anyone else to talk to at home.  Regardless of what it is its non-scary.  At least, that one is, the others still freak me out.

7. The river.  Both of them.  The past two nights I’ve eaten dinner out on the river and its just a gorgeous view.  Tonight, even from across the river I could here a village in the midst of celebration.  There was music and singing that provided the unimposing soundtrack to my dinner experience.  I can see the river being a place I go to to think in the future.

8. A break from the heat.  The past few days its been cooler!  The first few days I thought I might die it was so hot.  Its been comfortable the past few days and its been good for my body and mind.

9. The stars.  Since this isn’t a metropolitan, sky-scraper kind of city you can see the stars well!  Sometimes at night I pick a road next to a temple and literally skip down the street staring into the sky and make up songs about my new experiences here.

10. Technology!  For the most part I can get the websites I would access in the states from over here (except for Korean dramas).  I’ve been able to skype with people and see their faces, I’ve been able to keep updating this blog, spotify works, and I have fast wifi here.

If you have questions, again, let me know.  I’d be happy to tell you more about whats been going on.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thursdays

  1. tmin says:

    i love #6. my favorite. hehe. kidding.. i love them all. so so happy to hear all of this, aj! 😀 hug.. from afar 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    About #1 – I KNEW it! I knew there was no way anyone could be as qualified as you (no matter how qualified they were). Plus you were probably the only crazy person who loves languages 🙂
    About #6 – YESSSS once you find one cute, they will ALL become cute!

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