Head in the Clouds – First Day at Work

In Luang Prabang when its overcast, its really overcast. Like, jump-up-in-the-air-and-touch-the-clouds overcast.  But if you’re a little taller, there’s no need to jump.

Although I have sworn off complaining, last night as I went to bed I secretly hoped that I could wake up and it would not be hot outside.  Well, I got up and 6 o’clock passed, then 7 o’clock passed and 8 came around and it was positively gray out…and I could not have been happier!  There was as breeze, the clouds were hugging the earth in that ‘Chinese landscape painting’ way that I love.  I locked up the house and headed to work excited (excited tends to be my default emotion these days).

There was not really any point during the day where I ever became unexcited per se, but there were a few “hmmm…” moments.

As some of you know, my office has windows but no glass. I had been wondering what happens when it rained especially since my arrival coincided with the beginning of the rainy season.  Well, first day on the job I got my answer.  But not before first being warned that backing up files continuously was imperative because there were ‘power-offs’ that could result in lost work.  I sat down to my new desk space, turned on the computer, and then asked if anything in particular caused these ‘power-offs’. Sometimes rain, sometimes nothing. I tried to get comfortable in my seat, but, being the relatively large person that I am I could not fit my legs under the desk – the chair was too tall or the desk too short. I went and got a toddler stool from the storage closet and used that instead.  That chair fit me just right. 

30 minutes into what I was doing the power shut off. Fortunately, that time it was only off for a few minutes.  It began to thunder quite raucously and we went out front to observe that rain was definitely coming.  We closed the windows (there are wooden shudders that collapse over the glass-less window pane) and got back to work. Soon I had another in the series of my orientation meetings and sat down at a table in the office for the presentation. Yeah, I was definitely getting dripped on. But, it wasn’t like the whole office had a leaky roof or anything, just certain spots.  After the presentation there was a brief walk-through by flashlight of the exhibit space and midway through the power came back on (it had gone off again at some point during the presentation). 

I went out for lunch with my boss, and I mean, I know that I know very limited people so far, but she’s already one of my favorites!  She dropped me off at the bank to get money and apparently there’s a problem I need to get figured out ASAP. Mission failure. Anyway, I walked back to the office in the light rain (they’re practically across the street from each other) meanwhile the sky was returning to blue but it was cool and clouds were peaking out from behind the mountains (so pretty!). I might have worked another 30 minutes and was in the middle of printing out notes for my next meeting when the power went out AGAIN, this time staying off for about an hour and a half.  No worries though I guess, it was a delightful meeting which made me even happier with my decision to work here.  I was also told that these power outages are not usually this frequent. 

The view from the museum is gorgeous.  I always think of The Land Before Time when I look out from the front steps.  Next time, I’ll take a picture, but today I left my camera at home cause I thought it was gonna be gray the whole day.  I’m off to get dinner.  Hope you all are doing really well! I hope this doesn’t sound too desperate, but I’d really love to hear from you!!


6 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds – First Day at Work

  1. Grace says:

    It sounds like Luang Prabang weather is the opposite of Seattle’s (it’s been sunny and gorgeous, like the day we went to get Yogurtland, since you left)! I hope the bank thing gets resolved soon!

  2. Mom says:

    Hey Lish:
    Glad to hear you are so adaptable and that your first day went well despite the issues. You’re a real trooper, that’s all I can say. I too hope your bank issues get corrected immediately!

  3. Sarah Keough says:

    I’m loving this blog! I’m praying for you and I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures, and more about the people you work with and the things you do at the museum. And that’s so awesome that you got to teach the server how to say things in four different languages–you’re gonna be the talk of the town! 😉 Can’t wait to read your next post!!

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