I, the fitness fence-sitter

I want to love exercising and to get jazzed about clean eating but let me be real: I could live off twizzlers, chocolate covered pretzels, Girl Scout Cookies, starlight mints, hot tamales, tootsie rolls, and sour patch kids. How do I know? Cause that was basically my February and March, throw in some slim jims, $1 sugar daddies from the gas station on the corner, and chili-flavored fritos.

But, hadn’t I been doing so well?  About that…

I resisted sweets over Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas. I had signed up to work with a personal trainer through my gym. +2 Gold stars. Succumbing to every sweets craving and impulse for junk food over the next three months? Texts from my trainer asking where I been? -1 kajillion gold stars.

Speaking of trainers, I don’t know why mine hasn’t totally written me off yet. Here’s snippets of some of our recent exchanges:


After another long absence…


Got his hopes up.


After a suggestion that I pack healthy snacks.image

After he said small amounts of peanut butter were okimage

After being given meal replacement drinks to kickstart healthy eating.


From the second day after using meal replacement.image

Over the past couple of weeks I have started going back to the gym regularly. I’m hoping to make some gradual and sustainable changes in what I eat over the next few months to undo the damage of the past few months. No more stress eating for me (today)!




2 thoughts on “I, the fitness fence-sitter

  1. Jenna says:

    hahaha alicia 🙂 Personally, if I want to avoid eating candy and such, I need to absolutely not have it accessible. After a certain point, my hunger and laziness win over my craving for junk. That point is usually anywhere outside my house. If I have to drive to get junk food, I will settle for the carrots in the fridge.

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