I’m back

After about a four month hiatus on the blog I’m back.  A lot has happened in that time:  I visited rural villages in the north of Laos, I went to Vietnam, I moved back to America, spent a week in Seattle, had a fun welcome back party with family, spent a crazy month in DC working and dating, and have returned home again to look for work.

It will obviously take more than one post to get all caught up (the month in DC itself could be a book!), but here’s a short preview:

Halong Bay was awesome (even if a bit overcast).

Halong Bay

Leaving Laos was hard but done well (except for the whole part about getting to the airport).


AAM was fun because I had company.


DC was intense, insane, but also kind of amazing.

DC Days

Africa is on my radar: I can’t get enough of Kenyan music, I want to visit Kenya next summer and I picked up some Swahili language textbooks.

And Makadem was really cool in person, too!



I’m on a mission to reconnect with as many old friends as I can, so if you want to schedule a Skype date, let me know!  And, since I’ve got more free time, expect regular updates 🙂

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