Thankful Thursday Revisited

Its been a long, long time since I did Thankful Thursdays.  But it is a Thursday, and I caught myself being particularly thankful this morning and thought I should write about it.

#1  I sleep.  Every night.  I’m not sure when my sleeping streak actually started but I feel like its been about 2 months of sleeping through the night.  And it makes a huge difference!

#2 I breathe—deeply and without wheezing.  I had been having a really hard time with my breathing earlier and now with a dehumidifier, allergy medicine and an inhaler that my friend gave me I breathe much better at home and even when I don’t, its easy to fix.

#3 I care about issues and people I never used to care about.  I remember arriving in Boston completely confused and frustrated with liberal Christians obsessed with social justice.  In hindsight I’m glad that I have been a part of the faith communities that I have that have helped me to see so many things that seem obvious to me now.  I don’t find the word “progressive” dirty anymore.

#4 (I know this always makes the list but) I love my job! I love the people I work with and I’m so happy I decided to start my career here.

#5 I dance.  My friend let me teach her the follow part in swing dancing so I can try learning the lead.  We only danced for an hour and it was just the basics but it was so nice to dance again, even if I was tripping over my feet trying to lead.

#6 I eat.  I have found food here that I really like that doesn’t upset my stomach and is cheap.  I have my special noodle lady, fruitshake lady, Papaya salad lady, Bubble tea ladies, chicken/fish stall couple, pepper dip lady, etc.

#7 I laugh with friends.  Although I’d say my social circle is still relatively small it is nice to have a few people that I can sit with and laugh and really enjoy.

#8 My younger sister passed the Virginia State Bar and got a new job as magistrate!  So happy for her!

#9 I live in the most beautiful place in the world.  If you know me at all you know I am not a hot weather person, or a beach person (LP isn’t beach-y at all though).  So, that I am literally delighted every time I have to be outside by the scenery here says a lot.  Even when its still 80 degrees in November.

#10 Virginia went blue!!!!!!!

#11 Successful Bible study Google+ Hangout with the sisters last weekend…well, mostly successful with technical difficulties.

#12  Grace.  My friend, Grace, haha, not grace (although, I am always very very thankful for that).  She has provided me with every kind of support imaginable here and talked me out of my craziness and struggling on many many occasions.

Next post: My wonderful world of sin(h)

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