The Bottomless Jar of Adventure

I am instituting what I would like to call a ‘bottomless jar of adventure’ (BJA) that I’m hoping starting in July to crowd-source.  What that means is that I want YOU to help me choose my next adventure.

This BJA contains slips of paper drawn once a day, six days a week, with a task for the day to discover, experience, learn, do, enjoy, befriend something or someone new.  4 blank wild cards are included each month to encourage me to be more spontaneous. I have a separate list of spontaneous activities….just kidding! I will actually decide on the fly how to use them.  The BJA is bottomless because it gets refilled each month.  In July, I will continue to create ten items for myself and then crowd-source the last 10. Selection criteria will be based on receiving submissions by the posted deadline, and the safety/feasibility of the submission.  Things like: get a tattoo, ride an elephant today (they aren’t just roaming around, folks), or let a bug crawl on you are ‘no bueno’.

These mini-adventures are meant to force me to do several things: a) discover and learn a new culture; b) gently push me out of my comfort zone; and c) engage in ways I may not have thought of on my own.  It is the third area where your ideas and input are gold because I can’t think of on my own what I wouldn’t think of on my own. Its like I discover what I might if you were here with me!  At the end of June I will update on the highlights of June’s adventures and then come back to ask you to help me choose my next adventure!

Here are my adventures, in no particular order, for this upcoming month.  Happy June!

  1. Volunteer with kids at CCC or My Library your next weekday off
  2. Eat a meal at a table with locals
  3. Meet the neighbors
  4. Take a new way to work
  5. Eat something you don’t like
  6. Explore the library
  7. Watch the sunrise
  8. Buy someone lunch
  9. Tour a wat
  10. Watch the Alms Ceremony
  11. Eat something made of mysterious ingredients
  12. Go to your boss’ yoga class
  13. Send someone a Lao care package
  14. Rent a bike and ride the city
  15. Invite someone new out for a meal/drink
  16. Stay out late
  17. Do architecture walk of the city
  18. Walk 3 side streets in 5 villages
  19. Spend less than $2 today
  20. Watch Lakorn

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