Is it wrong if…

I can’t speak Lao yet?

I only eat M&Ms for breakfast?

I get anxious every time its mealtime?

I spend a lot of time at home reading (work related books)?

I’m hyper-paranoid about bugs?

I don’t feel rushed to make friends?

I end up working 6 days a week so I can take language class?

I haven’t once used the AC since I’ve been here?

I only really like it here and don’t love it (yet)?

I still am always calculating what time it is at home?

I find myself wishing I were rich one day so I could financially support education initiatives here in Laos?

I skip down the street at night?

I am more productive at work when I wear nicer clothes?

I decide not to go on any dates for the next two years?

I need to ask for help?

I think big, and then think bigger?

I want to leave something of worth behind?

I question what a life that responds the right way to all I’m exposed to here looks like?

I don’t recognize myself in two years?

You don’t recognize me, either?

I miss you?

4 thoughts on “Is it wrong if…

  1. Jenna says:

    You said these are non-rhetorical, so that mean I should answer them right?
    1. Are you crazy? It’s been 20 days. Definite no.; 2. Not wrong, just not the healthiest. 3. It took me months before I felt comfortable choosing food for a meal here. 4. You’ve always read a lot of books on your own about things you were passionate about. 5. You’ll probably get over that … a little. 6. Introvert. 7. I think it’s a great investment and will help make your job easier in the long run – but might become straining if it lasts too long. 8. No. 9. See the answer to the first question. 10. And then daylight savings time messes you all up again. 11. Nope. 12. 🙂 13. I had a friend who dressed up for all her exams and SATs because she though it put her in the right frame of mind for testing. 14. I wouldn’t blanket statement that one. 15. NO. 16. No. 17. Legacy. 18. I wonder if I’ll ever stop asking that question. 19. Nope. 20. If you keep blogging, and I follow it, I don’t think that would be a problem :D. 21. I miss you too!

    • feetcrymercy says:

      Jenna!!! So happy you’re reading this! I still have that picture you gave me in college with the words to that song about leaving a legacy on them. I remember the exact shirt I was wearing (brown and red striped) and I was laying on the beach. 🙂 Its encouraging to hear your responses and if you’d ever be interested in discussing #18 more I’d love to hear your thoughts! Once I get through my current stack, I’m hoping to read the book you suggested, When Helping Hurts.
      Aside from Jeff being sick, your recent trip to the longest lake (Tanganika??) sounded like a nice change of pace for you guys!

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