A Feasted Soul

Appetites shimmy with glee, saliva pools in our mouths, stomachs churn impatiently. Today, we will feast on the bounty placed before us. Succulent meats, savory sides, hearty stuffing, and decadent pies release aromas signaling the time has come. An enticing invitation Long ago the Lord invited the hungry and thirsty to come, buy with no … Continue reading A Feasted Soul

Enough is Enough: Grace for an approaching army

“What if I never get married?” my friend asked through sobs. “What if you never get married?” I pushed a little, treading cautiously, “It’s not incompatible with God’s character and goodness that you could remain single while still desiring marriage for the rest of your life.” Silence. “What do you think the Lord might have … Continue reading Enough is Enough: Grace for an approaching army