The Race Chronicles—Movement 3: Black Beauty

It was remarkable I ever moved to Laos.  I’d turned down grad school in Hawaii because it was too hot. My adult life had been one extended migration north for cooler temperatures, at some point calling New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington state home. I hated hot weather and by extension the beach, tropical vacations, and summer. … Continue reading The Race Chronicles—Movement 3: Black Beauty

The Race Chronicles—Movement 1: Trust

“You can’t trust white people,” went the familiar refrain growing up. It wasn’t said with malice. Rather, it was said with the same matter-of-factness as “look both ways before crossing” or “don’t touch the stovetop.” The implication was “…or you will get hurt.” If anyone could keep up the pretense of caring, it was white people. … Continue reading The Race Chronicles—Movement 1: Trust


I was inordinately upset the day that my pearl necklace broke. Not just another accessory, this necklace was an amulet, warding off the unpleasant harassment or profiling my other less fortunate black brothers and sisters experienced. Whatever negative snap judgments others might make of me based on the color of my skin would no doubt … Continue reading #AliciaAkins